Holidays are just around the corner and many of us are dreaming about our next trip to the beach. If your next destination is near the water we bring you our favorite Kibys swimwear recommendations to stand out at your holiday’s trip. 

Lately some of the fashion trends in swimwear is the nature inspiration including designs with floral prints, or animal prints, in addition they integrate fabrics that take care of the planet and provide comfort to each woman who uses them. However monochromatic tones are definitely a timeless trend, they are perfect to give you a huge range of possibilities including mix and match with your printed swimwear. 

Our first recommendation for your next trip to the beach is our one shoulder black piece, its innovative design and cut, combine the classic and sophisticated in one piece adding the black color that’s a timeless color. This garment stands out for looking like a bikini in the back, due to the high waist bottom and the strap in the back, and it looks like a one piece in the front, adding a sexy touch with the strap in the right shoulder. Worth noting that this piece comes in peach color for those who love pastel colors. 

Let’s continue with our next recommendation, another bet for this holidays are animal print swimsuits, our underwire top with our cheeky panty it’s perfect to spend all day tanning at the beach, gives a glamorous coverage and the best support. Not to mention that is a super trendy style. 

For those who want a more risky, but glamorous look our strappy bikini, it’s perfect, it’s a classic triangle bikini with extra-long straps to give a sexy and trendy touch to your swimsuit. Letting you choose how to wear it. Combine it with our Candy Bottom and get the perfect summer look. 

Another must have for this holiday season is our one piece swimsuit with printed flowers inspired in our Colombian tropical flora, with wine and silver hues in a curuba/pink background, its design with open back, adjustable straps and power net is especially for women who want to stylize their figure and enhance their physical attributes such as wide hips.

Last but not least we always have to keep in mind to take to our holiday getaway our favorite sarong, it’s an essential piece to wear on our way to the beach or after a swim in the ocean, or if you are opt for other type of resort wear we have a wide variety of options to choose your favorite. 

If you want to know more about swimwear trends, resort wear or tips for your trip to the beach go check Kibys blog !