Summer vacations are one of the most important times of the year, whether you’re going to the beach, the river or a pool. One of the essentials for summer are Swimsuits and when this time of the year is coming close, we all want to know which trends will be the ones you’ll see the most at the beaches around the globe. To answer this question, we must travel a bit to the past since fashion works just like the waves…. The always come back to the shore. 

Two of the Swimwear that women prefer the most during this past year have been the one piece swimsuits and the ruffles bikinis. These two have definitely won a place in every women’s heart thanks to the comfort and style they give us. But definitely, the ONE PIECES will be the ones that you’ll be seeing most this summer vacations. 

We need to mention that after all the lockdowns we have had during the past year, beaches have been very lonely, so these vacations will be the perfect time to reunite with your loved ones, family and friends. Since we have been used to being home, wearing comfortable clothes, one pieces will be the perfect choice. Each season they bring different particularities and characteristics to help you be the center of attention wherever you go.

Our KIBYS international catalogue has many options for you to choose from and we are full of different trend so you can choose the one that fits you best.

We will first talk about the V neckline. This trend and characteristic is more sophisticated and classic and accentuates some parts of the body, such as the shoulders and chest which make you look more elegant, look longer and taller and bring attention to your tan. 

Another important trend will be Cut outs. Sexy little cut outs that let some skin out in different parts of your body such as the abs, sides, back and shoulders. These will be a detail that can turn any classic silhouette into something trendy. 

How to choose what part to cover and what part to let see through depends on every women’s taste and what you feel most comfortable with. We have some options with different details such as knotted pieces and rings over your as and chest. We also have some other options with V necklines in printed options and solid colors. 

In terms of colors and prints, tropical styles and flowers will the ones we will see the most. There won’t be any specific color dominating this season, but palm trees, leaves and flowers will be perfect for this one piece swimsuits since you’ll be able to see the whole design in this bigger surface swimwear. 

Basic swimwear are ones we can’t forget to mention. Black and white are always on trend but we will see some more highlighted colors and neon’s that will make the tanned skins look so good!

If you’re still not sure on what to wear, come by at and get to know a bunch of options we have in our catalogue to help you decide!