Every time we go on vacation to the beach, the river or swimming pools we have in our mind an essential element we need to pack: the swimsuit. It’s the most important garment for those trips where water is the main character. Season after season brands design swimwear collections that arrive with trilling and exciting innovations, but just a few of them give the possibility to mix and match between the different styles. 

That versatility is one of the characteristics that stands out in bikinis, because it gives us the possibility to create and innovate our own style. That’s why we decided to compile some basic recommendations on how to create new outfits with the swimsuits you already have. To give you  these tips we are going to take Kibys bikinis as a reference; our brand stands out for its wide variety of styles, colours and prints, elements that are essential to be able to mix and match your beach outfits properly.

The first thing to keep in mind is that when we are talking about mixing pieces of different bikinis the goal is finding compatible aesthetic lines from which we can take advantage of and give a second and even third life to our bikinis. This is a great opportunity, even when buying new garments,

To start your bikini mixes it is necessary that you find common ground between them that make it compatible and combinable. These aesthetic similarities can range from the color, the type of pattern, to the style of the bikini. A very clear example of this can be found when you mix and match your Bikini Bottom; an ideal combination can be based on various aspects such as colors, black and white are always a good choice when you mix it with printed tops.

If you prefer a classic style or solid colour bikinis, this can also give you a wide variety of possibilities. In this case you just have to look at which colors can be well combined with each other. Pastel tones can be a good starting point or if you like more vibrant colours go for yellow, red or fucsia bikinis. Normally there are collections of monochrome bikinis that offer a wide range of colors, so you can try to mix these. 

A last but not least recommendation for finding bikinis that can be mixed is to find design details that can match, such as ruffles, metal snaps or handmade details. For example if we look at the Bikini TOP options we can see there’s a lot of styles which has a extra piece of design and that can easily mixed with a panty that have less details, to create a balance look. 

You must take into account that to mix and match different bikinis there are no unbreakable rules, since fashion is based on trying different elements. The recommendation of experts is always to seek proportionality and balance. This is essential to find harmony between both pieces. 

To know the complete catalog of Kibys Internacional, we recommend you to explore the site www.shop.kibys.com.co and see first-hand the bikinis that you can use for your combinations.