We grew up thinking that clothes must be cataloged for certain occasions and only in those moments can we use them. However, the truth is that we can use the clothes whenever we want, because we can make them formal or informal depending how you mix and match your outfits and the accessories you choose.

This also applies to swimwear. These garments designed only for the beach, can be used in your day to day, in fact, they can transform your outfits to a look modern and fresh. But how can I match my swimwear with my clothes? Don’t worry! Because at Kibys we tell you how, just keep reading!

One-piece swimsuits: great as bodysuits

One-piece swimsuits are versatile garments that can transform your outfits, because you can use them as bodysuits. This is one of the best strategies to upgrade your looks because you don't need to fill yourself with thousands of clothes, you just need your bathing suits. The outfits you can create with these garments have a limit: your creativity.

If you have one-piece swimsuits in neutral tones, you will have an essential basic in your closet, because it can be one of the most versatile clothes of your wardrobe. Now, how to turn these garments into a formal style? The answer is simple, combine them with clothes and accessories that mix and match, such as straight pants, skirts, suit jackets, among others.

The thought to destroy the barrier with this type of swimsuit is to think of them as bodysuits, a must in your closet, not only to go to the beach.

Two-piece swimsuits: great as crop tops

If one-piece swimsuits are versatile, two-piece swimsuits are more so. The bikini top will get you out of trouble when you can't find what to wear and you want to give your outfits a twist, it doesn't matter if they are triangular tops, even these are attractive when creating different combinations.

These swimsuits will be your companions for any occasion, since one of the trends is the use of tops or crop tops to elevate your outfits and give them a more relaxed touch, without falling into "tacky". From formal to casual styles, they are excellent companions. For example, we can think of a combination between an asymmetrical top, a high-waisted flared jean and a jean or leather jacket and you already have an outfit to go out with your friends at night.

On the other hand, these garments are also perfect for your days at the gym, if you have pieces with good grip like our Charlotte top or our Joyce top, you can use them for the gym and you will not have to buy so many tops intended only for this purpose. These tops will supply that need and will give you an excellent support when doing any exercise.

Two-piece swimsuits: a different look to the panties

The interesting thing about two-piece swimsuits is that you also have a lower part with which you can transform your wardrobe. Double prize? One of the most recent, attractive and innovative trends in social media is to use your panties to make tops, just as you read it, the latest trends focus on seeing panties from another perspective to find the shape of tops.

One of the most common and attractive is to use your high waist panties (and preferably high rise) as an asymmetrical top, this is an interesting option that you can try. Another that we have also seen is to use two panties and cross them to create a multicolored top, which fills an outfit with personality. What do you think about this trend? 

This society has taught us that we can dress however we want, use what makes us feel beautiful and empowered, regardless of our body shape, size or skin, we are our own limit! So, get out of your comfort zone and start experimenting, we've got your back!

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