When vacations are getting closer we dedicate ourselves to look up for the perfect swimsuit, we spend hours and hours focused on finding the right swimwear so we can feel glamorous on summer days. However, many times these garments get damaged, fade, lose their elasticity, and last only one trip, so we decide not to use them again. To prevent this from happening to you, we give you some tips you should take with your bathing suits so that they last for many summers and you can wear them as many times as you want.

Wash your bathing suits by hand

You must stop putting them into the washing machine. These garments are designed with materials that are not suitable for machine washing (not even on delicate or gentle cycles), so putting them in the washing machine will only damage the fabric and stretch it. For this reason, set aside some of your time to wash it by hand.

If you are on your vacation, rinse them with water to remove chlorine, sand, or salt water and when you get to the hotel, wash it with soap, it can be the one you use for the body. The key is to always wash swimsuits after wearing them.

Avoid the use of detergents

As we have already told you, bathing suits are made of elastic materials but also delicate ones, so they require certain care. Washing garments with detergents can affect the color and fabric of your swimwear. When you are going to wash them choose a mild or neutral soap, which will clean your garment without damaging it.

wash them with cold water

We have already learned how we should wash the garment and what to use to do it, however, another important point is the temperature of the water that we use. The best temperature to wash your beach clothes is with cold water, never with hot or lukewarm water, the colder it is, the better. Warm water will make your swimwear lose elasticity, that’s why you should avoid exposing your swimsuits to very high temperatures.  

Natural drying

Drying your swimwear is just as important as washing it. On one hand, it is necessary that you put these clothes to dry in shady places, preferably cool spaces, it can be outdoors or in closed spaces such as a bathroom, but always look for places where they can dry naturally without direct exposure to the sun. . Why? The sun is one of the biggest enemies of your swimsuits, the sun's rays lighten the garments and end up weakening the color, so you will end up with faded swimsuits, thanks to the sun.

On the other hand, avoid the use of dryers, this machine will destroy the elastic materials of your bathing suits and they will end up shapeless. Instead, opt for natural drying, and let the garment dry on its own without any help, it is a slower process but it is the best option to take care of them.

Store them correctly

The way you store your swimwear is crucial to making it last longer. Allocate a place to store these garments, avoid places with humidity or where it is exposed to high temperatures. It is best to fold it so that it does not deform and store it in a cloth bag, avoid plastic bags, this way you will protect it from moisture and dust. Similarly, look for places where they have a good temperature such as cabinets or drawers.

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