When we plan a trip to a sunny place, like the beach, it gives us great enthusiasm because it’s a time full of fun and rest, that’s why our outfits must go according to the activities that we are going to do and our style.

To start choosing which beachwear we are going to use, we have to analyze what types of swimwear we are going to take, because these garments are the main looks that we will wear on the beach. The ideal would be that our clothes match our bikinis, to create a look “from beach to Street”. That’s why your swimsuits should follow a common line, like the color, the type of pattern or any other aesthetic element that has similarity with your resortwear. 

Loose items such as dresses are undoubtedly essential in our beach vacations. Dresses, skirts, shorts are a kind of a wild card that we must always include to design our holiday looks. Kibys is a brand that stands out for offering beachwear solutions to women who want to make a difference with their outfits while still feeling comfortable.

Within the possibilities offered by Kibys, a garment that is undoubtedly essential is the medium-length black dress. In its design, comfort and femininity prevail, since it is manufactured in a light fabric that gives a loose shape, and its V-shaped neck gives it a feminine but sexy touch, providing a more attractive look. Another of the great benefits of this dress is that it combines with practically any type of accessory, it gives the opportunity to create several looks simply by changing your shoes or accessories.

Another must have is the linen pants. This garment becomes essential for its comfort and elegance, perfect for any activity we have planned on the beach or in the city. The white color makes it the best ally of create different looks, among other possibilities you can even mix and match it with a bikini top to create a beachy look.

The last recommendation of essential garments for beach days that we bring you in this section is a perfect mix between style and freshness. This clothing combination consists of two pieces; the first is a loose-sleeved shirt. This garment is very versatile, since it can mix and match with other elements such as shorts or jeans that we carry on our trip. The ideal complement for this shirt is a short skirt with the same color and material, giving you a feminine and timeless look.

As we have seen, the essential garments in our beachwear are those that make us feel beautiful, comfortable, confident and feminine. This way, you make the most of your time enjoying spectacular places than choosing which outfits to wear.

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