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Three essentials to keep in your underwear drawer

Buying underwear is one of the most important purchases at the time we decide to renew our closet, because they are the first pieces you dress up with, that’s why they should be comfortable, you should feel nice with your body and can be the perfect compliment to your outwear.  Here we’ll share three basic clothes you need in your underwear drawer.

Bralettes, a comfy choice

If you are a comfy lover, we recommend you to have at least a couple bralettes in your underwear drawer. These garments are the combination between a bra and a top, which makes it a  versatile, comfortable and elegant underwear. They’re usually made of lightweight fabrics such as lace, satin or cotton. The most attractive characteristic about bralettes is that enhance the natural shape of our body without losing comfort.

Another quality of bralettes is that you can wear it not only as an underwear but also as a top to wear on a casual day, it’s a matter of choosing your perfect bralette and experimenting with your daily outfit.

In the past, society believed that the price of beauty was suffering, however, what really matters these days is to love our body as it is, that’s what makes us beautiful. Loving ourselves, is wearing clothes that make us feel comfortable and gorgeous.

Bodysuit, an all-round basic

The bodysuit is a garment that is here to stay. This underwear is –like the bralette– a useful, comfortable and versatile piece of clothing, which fits all body types and reveals the best parts of our body. The bodysuit offers us a sense of security and freedom that bras often lack.

Bodysuits are perfect for any occasion. Do you want to sleep in your underwear? You can wear a bodysuit. Do you want to go out to a party or to a formal dinner with your family? The bodysuit is your best partner. Do you want to go to the gym or go to the office? The bodysuit goes with you. This type of underwear will be your ally in any moment, it will make you look and feel sexy, comfy and confident. The bodysuit is a basic that must be in your underwear drawer.

Cotton panties, infection-free freshness

Underwear commercials show us that the best alternative to look “sexy” or to keep “everything in its place”, is wearing silk or lycra garments. However, these fabrics can produce infections in our private area because it’s not able to transpire as it needs to. Consequently, choosing to buy cotton underwear is the best option if we want to take care of our private area. Panties made with 100% cotton reduce the humidity and perspiration, furthermore, it prevents the proliferation of bacteria and fungi in our private area.

Perhaps it’s not the “most aesthetic” alternative, but, as women, we should think about which clothes are more beneficial to our body health. An important attribute of cotton underwear is that they are hypoallergenic, which means they’re suitable for all skin types, especially those who suffer irritations and allergies. On the other hand, you will adore the durability of this type of underwear, because some underwear are made of materials such as lycra or synthetic fibers that tend to wear out easily, which does not happen with cotton.

Always remember that it’s essential, when choosing the underwear that will be in your drawer, to look for garments that make you feel comfortable and beautiful, but also that protect your private areas from any infection or irritation. If you want to buy this type of underwear we invite you to browse the Kibys catalog, there you’ll find underwear of excellent quality and durability, which will make you feel beautiful, comfortable and confident.

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