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El vestido de baño perfecto para tu tipo de cuerpo

Choosing a Swimwear that fits your body right becomes an easy task if you know your type of body very well.

We have identified 5 body types, and in each of this we can highlight different attributes depending on the design, silhouette, prints, details and colors.

If you’d like to learn how to differentiate them, read this article till the end and we hope this helps you choose the best option to accentuate your body.


Narrow waist and shoulders, with wide hips.
For this type of body you should choose a Swimsuit that highlight the upper part of your body in order to generate a balance between the proportions of your body. In order to achieve this, you can choose a Halter silhouette to enhance the size of your bust, Ruffles on top to give more volume of Puffed shoulder too. For the bottom part, we recommend you choose side ties bottoms or any simple silhouette, ideally in solid colors or dark prints.

Proportionate bust and hips, defined waist.
For this body type, the range of options is very wide. Almost every type of swimsuit will fit you great. Either Bikinis, Trikinis and one pieces will be good choices since your body is very proportionate. You can now choose between colors, prints, and details and choose to highlight different parts of your body according to the use and the occasions.

Back and shoulders, wider than hips.
Contrary to the previous body type, women with wider upper part need to highlight the lower part of the body to generate a proportional figure. High waist bottoms, knots, bows, straps and ruffles bottoms are the best allies for women with this body type. For the top, try a basic silhouette such as a simple triangle top, solid or monochromatic styles and comfortable silhouettes will be the best option.

Aligned hips and shoulders.
If this is your type of body, your attention when choosing a swimsuit is selecting silhouettes that enhance your curves and accentuate the waist. Trikinis or Deep neckline one pieces are 2 perfect silhouettes to achieve this. If you prefer two pieces, halter tops and strapless with prints are a great alternative. For the bottoms, try creating contrast using bottoms with strappy sides and ruffles to generate balance on both parts of the body.

Full curves or pronounced abs.
One pieces in solid colors or two tone prints are the perfect option for women with this type of body. For two piece swimwear, the idea in this case is to highlight the waist part. High waist bottoms are ideal to cover some parts of the abs that we don’t want to show off. Powermesh tummy control pieces are also ideal

We hope this helps you identify your body type in order to find the perfect swimsuit and the one that feels most comfortable for you.

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