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Swimwear beach

Vestidos de baño que no pueden faltar para ir a la playa

Nothing better than the beach, sea breeze, sand and salt water, they are all so beneficial for our body and soul. So, you can’t miss the summer with one of our swimsuits.

Feeling comfortable at the beach is the first step to look great; choosing the Swimwear that fits your body best and enhances our figure is the first thing to do so you start of vacations with the right foot.

Fashion, in terms of Swimwear, is a complete world of diversity, full of different possibilities starting from 2 pieces swimwear and going through beautiful one-piece silhouettes.

Swimwear tied at neck or back, tropical prints, miniprints, and the solid colors you can’t miss, are still a trend in each collection this season. High waist bottoms, interchangeable tops and one pieces are also a must so you can wear a different silhouette each day.

Each Swimwear you choose to wear, must be pieces that make you feel beautiful, fresh, natural, that reflect your personality and style, making you feel renewed and full of energy, we recommend a few:

Perfect to take the sun and get a beautiful tan, you can find different pieces such as high waist, regular rise, strapless, triangles tops, halter or bandeau. Triangles and bandeaus are ideal if you want to tan without marks.

These pieces have transformed hugely through the years. What before was considered and adult pieces is now one of the trendiest options to wear. They enhance your figure. Look for trendy pieces if you feel joyful and look for sophisticated ones if you want to feel gorgeous without standing out.

For the ones that dont like to tan but still look super trendy, our KIBYS collection has some pieces you don't want to miss. We have modern silhouettes with knotted backs, handmade details, different cutouts and gorgeous tropical prints to enjoy the sun without having to worry about your tan.

The unmissable Swimwear pieces for the beach are always classic silhouettes, with different variations in colors, details and prints. Swimwear have now become not only a piece to enjoy the beach and sea, but a fashion pieces, to make you feel completely beautiful and stylish.

From the classic silhouettes, new pieces have evolved in time, allowing new interesting figures and shapes such as trikinis: it’s almost a bikini, and almost a one piece, there both tied by a small piece in the body. Also, tankinis, a bottom plus a shirt piece have become a must for water sports and women who need to be comfortable first.

In KIBYS, we have specialized in bringing you different options of Swimwear silhouettes, always trendy, always stylish, and always beautiful. We offer a great range of prints and solid colors that characterize us always. Our pieces are full of small details to surprise you when you buy each piece… So we hope you enjoy the Sun this summer in one of our KIBYS Swimwear Pieces.

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