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#KIBYSHUMANE is our philosophy, through it we intend that our work transcends the borders of products and focuses on the human side as well, which defines us as a company.

We created #KIBYSHUMANE to make a difference in our people and environment, we concentrate our efforts in empowering the KIBYS team and this way obtain results made with the heart.

The H U M A N E in our products

KIBYS garments carry with them a part of each of the people who have contributed in turning them into unique pieces.

humane products

Our H U M A N E people

This is our team, essential people in the Kibys process. Thanks to each of them, we have succeeded in making this dream possible.

humane people

Our H U M A N E commitment

Our commitment is to work day after day to encourage the happiness and wellness of our employees, inside and outside the company, with their families and with themselves.


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