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Swimwear style trends


2021 is definitely a year of opportunities to reunite with your loved ones, family and friends. The beach will always be a great pleasure for these reunions, and even better these days that we still have to keep distancing and being in open environments when you reunite with people. So, after saying this, we’ll help you go through the Swimwear style trends that will help you show your new version next to the sun, sand, sea and great company. 

Before we start, we would like to mention that all the styles we will talk about, are available to shop at KIBYS. We have a great range of different products, for different body types and styles. 

We can not only talk about one trend for 2021… We need to talk about a group of trends that will help you glow and look your best at the beach and pool. Since fashion is more inclusive everyday, we need to understand that there are different styles, different bodies, and for that reason, there need to be trends that adjust to many different styles!

One of the most important trends this season will be Naturality! Fresh designs that make you feel like you’re in nature… you will find prints with palm trees, flowers, leaves, exotic animals and more that will make your outfit look sophisticated but fresh. 

We can never forget a trend that has been so important season over season and will still be… Do you know what we are talking about?… If you thought of Animal Print, you were right! This is definitely a trend that every woman loves. This time, we will see colorful animal prints in different shades of blue and orange. Besides the basics… we will also see Zebra, Leopard and python.

Neon colors will also be very important this season. Don’t be afraid to wear a color that will make everyone turn heads. Neon color also makes your tan look even better. 2021 has been an opportunity to explore your inner self, but most importantly, to make your inner self glow… these colors will help you shine brighter, will irradiate good energy and make your personality glow. Colors such as hot pink, neon green and bright orange will be very important in the Swimwear pieces this season.

Now it’s time to talk about new trends about bikinis! Mix & Matching is THE trend right now. Dare to use different colors and print in the bottoms or the top. Mix solids and prints and use different types of silhouettes according to your body type. 

High waists are also a very important trend for bikinis. You’ll find lots of options at the beach. Either if it’s just a basic high waist, or with cut outs, straps, embroideries… There are infinite options for these pieces. 

One piece swimwear is also a must, we recommend you exchange between these pieces during vacations. One piece is most comfortable, ideal for water sports, or for mothers with kids. You can either choose ones that cover many parts of your bodies, or some other trendier options with flirty silhouettes.

Last but not least… Family mix & matching will be very important this season. We have some options for mom or dad in which you can wear the same print, or mix solids and prints that go perfectly together.

If you choose to stand out this vacation, come shop at and discover all the different trends and styles we have for you!  

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